Adult Services

Choice, Choice, Choice

With the assistance of the Vocational Rehabilitation Public and Private Partnership, better known as VRP3, Brookhill is expanding opportunities for community employment. With an emphasis of transition school-to-work and establishing relationships in the various public school districts, we are offering summer training that enables students to gain valuable paid work experiences. We anticipate when student's graduate, an integrated work setting will be their preference. The Employment Fist Initiative from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has also assisted in providing person served and staff training, and identified work priorities.

Community Employment

Community Employment

Once the individual expresses an interest in community employment, he or she will be referred to the Rehabilitation Services Commission. Steps toward successful community employment include:

  1. Job compatibility
  2. Finding a job in the community through a Job Developer.
  3. Providing the individual with a job coach to train the individual on the job and gradually fading out as the individual becomes proficient at performing the job.
  4. Providing the individual with follow-along services to monitor the individual's job performance and provide any necessary intervention.

(Supervised Industry Based Employment)
These individuals are trained and supervised in a regular industry or business in the community. A specially trained supervisor oversees and assists as needed to do the job. Enclave employees perform their tasks alongside others doing the same work or may be grouped together whichever is needed. These individuals are still Brookhill employees and paid by Brookhill.

Transitional Employment
(Supervised Industry Based Employment)
The transitional employment program provides supervised part time employment opportunities outside (community based) the industry program at various job sites that allow for additional employment and training opportunities.

The transitional employment program will be available to interested county board eligible adults with a priority for those employees on the community employment list. Other interested employees may participate based upon the ability of the employee with respect to the specific job requirements and the ability to provide the necessary transportation.

The transitional employment supervisor will provide training in all areas of the specific job requirements.

Brookhill Industries Sheltered Employment
Community EmploymentEmployment in the Industry program setting can represent various opportunities to an employee based upon needs as follows:

The industry program can be the appropriate setting for an eligible adult during the evaluation of services period to assess the individual's needs and desires for a further determination of appropriate services. Individuals complete subcontract work and are paid based on productivity.

The industry program can provide on a permanent basis, the appropriate combination of programming and vocational activities to those individuals who do not participate in employment in the community of Putnam County, yet not requiring the more intensified training and supervision in the adult developmental program.

The industry program can provide, on a temporary basis, the appropriate combination of programming and work adjustment to those individuals who could eventually attain the status of community based employment.

For more information, please contact Bill Unterbrink at (419) 876-3932.

Habilitation/Life Options Corridor

Community Employment

Brookhill Center Adult Services provides opportunities to those individuals who choose not to participate in the area of employment. In the life options corridor individuals may choose from the sensory program or a number of other areas to support personal goals and promote healthy lifestyles. There is an option for those individuals of retirement age to engage in relaxation, leisure activities and socialization. Individual person centered planning is utilized to assist individuals to achieve personal goals and be self-sufficient.

For more information, please contact Beth Hempfling, Habilitation Manager at (419) 876-3388.

Life Options

Specialized Support Services

For more information, please contact Beth Hempfling RN BSN, Medicaid Manager/Nurse at (419) 876-3388.